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Puzzle, RPG


Windows PC

Protagonist is a puzzle-based RPG which takes place in the world of a disused, glitch-ridden video game. Focused on charm and humor, the game is light-hearted and takes a comical approach to exploring the wild, broken-state game in which the characters reside.

There are four main routes through the game, dependent on the player’s initial actions and how they interact with the world around them. Each route provides a deviant story and puzzles that play into the preferred style of the user (ex. Looking for stat boosts in the initial map unlocks a route that powers up the user faster and plays more towards the impulsive, cut-to-the-chase style story. Whereas stalling and completing every optional puzzle unlocks a more lore-driven route that rewards ingenuity and development.)

The main puzzle/combat system encourages player creativity with a spell system based off stringing together letters into words to form magical attacks. This mechanic appears frequently, although tweaked slightly dependent on the scenario to create new puzzles and challenges while providing the player with a familiar set of tools.

Protagonist is currently being developed in Unity and encourages members to join with any skillset or experience.


Savannah Mann, Evans Chen, Richard Wang, Evan Newquist, Kaitlyn Brayer, Mary Xu


In Development
Demo Available Now!