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Pokémon Melanite


RPG, Adventure


Windows PC

Pokémon Melanite Version is a Pokémon Fan Game being developed in RPG Maker XP, using Pokémon Essentials starter kit. Enter a brand new world filled with a new story, new characters and villains, and of course, Pokémon. The Zela Region is under attack by an ancient evil and it looks like you’re the only one that can stop it. Train, battle, and catch Pokémon as you make your way through gyms and enemies to discover the secrets of Zela and stop its destrcution. The game features 4th gen style graphics, special challenge modes, and over 300 Pokémon.

Story Trailer

Gameplay - Lily Town

Gameplay - Old Lab

Gameplay - Route 3


Ray Smith


In Development Built in RPG Maker XP