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Pawsitive Tales – Game Jam




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Games are a fantastic way to get people excited about keeping themselves healthy and happy! “Pawsitive Tales” is built with busy people in mind, and the main goal of the game is to promote mental well-being by encouraging people to pursue healthy habits and write in a daily journal. We built our game to be visually appealing, engaging, and to adjusted for mobile format. Our “quest system” allows the player to pursue simple daily tasks they may otherwise forget, such as calling a loved one or getting some exercise after a long day of work or play. Our journal system also is an important part of the game, as daily writing has been shown to improve people’s well-being.


The full Development Blog can be found here:

Pawsitive Tales Demo

Some Scenery


Savannah Mann, Evans Chen, Mary Xu, Lyn Worzalla


Our plan is to finish scaling graphics and changing controls for mobile use, adding more minigames, displaying each day's completed tasks in the journal, and adding a story to the town as well as other fun features to encourage users to reach their goals!