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Map Making

Credit and links are given in the text below where ever possible to the original sources of data.

Special thanks to the many people who compiled the data on this page



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  • Software
  • Useful Articles
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  • Other Reddit Resources

Common Mistakes

  • Map Format
  • Rivers
  • Polar map distortion and Polar regions
  • Climate
  • Cities, Roads, and Settlements
  • Map Tilt & Perspective


  • How do I get Started?
  • Faking it: you don’t have to be an expert
  • Old School Topographic Map Symbols for Drawing Terrain.
  • Drawing tips and tricks
  • What About Multiple Races?
  • House construction and Central Heating
  • How much water should my planet have?
  • Planetary Tilt
  • How big an impact (asteroid, comet, etc) does it take to change the orbit of the earth?
  • Multiple Moons and Tides
  • Do I really need moons?
  • What about other things in the sky?
  • The polar ice caps have been free of ice many times in the history of the Earth.
  • Notes on Landmarks vs Culture (and using these to make a timeline)
  • Forgotten and Abandoned Buildings, Towns, and Cities
  • How far is it? How far can people travel in a day?
  • Putting your map on a globe
  • How to Make a video of your World as a Planet
  • Basics of ocean currents
  • Map Scales, etc.
  • A Few Notes on Canyons, Rifts, and Elevations
  • Making Zoomable Maps
  • Some Notes on Deserts
  • Notes/Links on Village Design

Interesting Reads

  • Did you know that the Mediterranean Sea used to be a desert?
  • XKCD What If? You Drain the Oceans?
  • XKCD/What If? What would the world be like if the land masses were spread out the same way as now – only rotated by an angle of 90 degrees?
  • A Guide to Travel in a Fantasy Setting – By Foot & Horse
  • Monty Phython’s Terry Jones resolves common misconceptions about people’s lives in the medieval ages
  • Things I Learned By Spending Five Thousand Years In An Alternate Universe
  • Global Climate Models Applied To Terrestrial Exoplanets
  • The Invaders: How Humans and Their Dogs Drove Neanderthals to Extinction
  • The anomaly of a miniature Desert in the middle of Siberian Forest: The Chara Sands